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In less than a single second that it took you to land on this page, the Earth moved by almost 30 kilometers! Isn’t that fascinating? Scientific phenomena are all around us, we only need to sit still and observe.

Read Cosmic Kids Club Blogs to stay – up- to date with new discoveries, celestial observations, space missions, and much more.

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Rachana Desai

Both my kids were part of Cosmic Kids Club and they had a wonderful time. Programs are very informative and interactive. Helps in knowledge building.

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Ami Patel

My son was thrilled to do the hand on activities. The sessions are interactive and unique.

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Lakshmi Rajakrishnan

Greatly indebted to STEM & Space for providing a wonderful platform for our child to be part of space knowledge. All teachers who took online classes explained each and every concept in a beautiful manner therby creating more curiosity in the minds of the child. Kids thoroughly enjoyed it.