Indian Space Program – A Dream Realised

It all started with a dream of creating India’s own space program. The journey which started in the small town of Thumba in Trivandrum saw many ups and down and finally succeed in making a name for itself in the world.

Join in to know how the Indian Space Research Organization established its name and continues to make India proud.

Astrology Vs Astronomy: What’s the Difference?

For several millennia astrology and astronomy have been known to be inter-related. When Isaac Newton demonstrated that the same laws applied to an apple falling from a tree and also to the motions of the celestial sphere. Since then, astronomy has evolved into a completely separate field.

Explore the realm of astronomy, how it has changed over the years and why being an astronomer is so much fun! In this video, learn how astronomy and astrology are different although they have common roots.

What is the big red spot on Jupiter?

Jupiter is the grandest of all planets. It is the largest planet in our solar system and among the brightest objects in the night sky. If you look at Jupiter, with a telescope—you will notice a big red spot. The red spot is the Great Red Spot. What is it? It is actually an
enormous storm in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Explore more about the Great Red Spot, learn why it is
“Red,” and will the storm ever disappear?

Planets in the Twinkling Sky

Have you ever wondered how the moon, stars, and other planets shine?

Why does Venus shine in the evening sky? There’s a whole universe to discover. Read this amazing comic book and learn about the wonders of the Planets in Space.

Full of fascinating facts to satisfy the curiosity of every young space enthusiast, this comic is a must read.

How would our life on Earth be if there was no Sun?

Imagine, if the Sun suddenly disappeared? What would happen to life on Earth? Will you ever see the Sunrise, sunset, or rainbow? What will happen to the flora & fauna? It would be really unimaginable as everything around us is driven by the light energy from the Sun. Should we fearwhat will happen if the Sun explodes? Join CKC and explore the facts about Sun.

The story of Apollo

The story of venturing to the moon, on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and and Michael Collins became the first humans to walk on the Moon, a moment forever ingrained in the history of space exploration. One giant leap and the impossible mission that flew to the Moon with extraordinary scientific technology. Check …

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Can Moon vanish like Dinosaurs?

How will our Earth get effected if the Moon were to disappear one day?

Yes, you’ve read that right! Do you think our Moon can vanish just like the dinosaurs someday? Read this interesting comic and get on an adventurous journey with Avyan to know about craters in the solar system.

Is the sky blue on all planets?

O Look up! The sky is all fiery red? Perhaps the sun is setting in the west!!
Ever wondered why does our sky change colors?

Well, every colour has a story, and COSMIC KIDS CLUB brings for you the most alluring and thought-provoking stories from the Universe.
Unravel the unseen and explore with us the breathtaking, beautiful secrets of the dark and vast Universe.
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Why do some planets have rings?

Galileo Galilei discovered the rings around Saturn nearly 400 years ago. For a very long time, Saturn was thought to be the only planet in our solar system with rings. Gradually, astronomers discovered that other planets also had rings! Maybe there was a time when Earth may have had rings! Explore these answers with us through Cosmic Kids Club and learn about …

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