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Why Join us?

Our mission is to encourage every child to explore the domain of astronomy and space. Share our passion and give every child an opportunity and tools to explore the skies and space! Let’s collaborate to fuel curiosity and scientific literacy!

Joy of Working

Work doesn’t feel like work when you do what you love. Do meaningful works as you help us build a community of enthusiastic learners!

Get What You Deserve

We don’t believe in free lunches. We know you do your best when you get compensated. Get paid for your effort and commitment.

Experience No Bar

Wondering what’s the criterion for selection? We don’t care whether you come with experience or are a fresher. Excel at what you do.

Work from Anywhere

We are a remote-first organization. Work from wherever you want. As long as it fuels your creativity, we never need to meet you in-person.

Partners we are looking for

Passionate Astronomers
College Students
Science Teachers
Youtube Presenters
Space Enthusiasts
STEM Trainers
Curriculum/Product Designer
Science Communicators

And much more....

Ready to partner with us?

What other parents are saying about us?

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Rachana Desai

Both my kids were part of Cosmic Kids Club and they had a wonderful time. Programs are very informative and interactive. Helps in knowledge building.

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Ami Patel

My son was thrilled to do the hand on activities. The sessions are interactive and unique.

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Lakshmi Rajakrishnan

Greatly indebted to STEM & Space for providing a wonderful platform for our child to be part of space knowledge. All teachers who took online classes explained each and every concept in a beautiful manner therby creating more curiosity in the minds of the child. Kids thoroughly enjoyed it.


Who can work for CKC?
We are constantly looking for people to work with us in a number of areas. Anyone who has the skills can apply.
How do I earn?
You get compensated based on the number of hours you contribute or the projects you work on. Apply to join and our team will get in touch with the earning options based on your area of work.
What do I need to apply?
Share your CV along with your portfolio or work samples (anything that helps us understand how awesome you are!).