Discover the secrets of the universe.

Unleash your young one’s curiosity and equip them with 21st century STE(A)M skills by becoming a part of an distinctive space and astronomy community!

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STE(A)M learning through the exciting domain of Astronomy and Space!

Scientific literacy is an unavoidable skill in the 21st century. Space exploration and technology will govern our future and only then students imbibe these skills can they become future-ready. Space science fosters curiosity and helps build a foundation for STEM careers.

Cosmic Kids Club is the first and only community in India that invites kids to be a part of scientific exploration by taking a hands-on, experiential approach to space and science learning. To further enrich students’ learning experiences, we promise to keep them engaged throughout with variety of learning options.

Why you’ll love Cosmic Kids Club

A community designed and curated by passionate astronomers and space enthusiasts.

No boring lessons. Access your own customized TV, comics, games, and live sessions.

Hands-on learning that takes a curiosity-driven approach to impart 21st-century skills.

Become a part of global projects with international organizations such as NASA, Pan- STARRS, IASC, and more.

Connect with professionals and advanced learners to get inspired by their career paths.

Win rewards and cool prizes when you perform well.

Unlimited Learning

Instructor-led Courses

Whether it is life on Mars or far-off galaxies, learning is fun and interesting with our real-life astronomers. With live sessions, one-on-one interactions, and planned learning paths, we challenge you to up your learning game.

DIY Learning

Explore the hundreds of videos, comics, games, and activities and create your own learning path based on your own interests. There’s so much in store for you, we promise there won’t ever be a dull moment.

Hands-on Activities

Why just read about a constellation, rovers, and satellites when you can go out and spot them or build models?

Ready to start your learning journey?

100s of exciting videos and live sessions to leave no corner of universe unexplored!

Incredible Content Library

Comics, games, challenges, and international citizen science projects to keep you motivated!

Climb through the leaderboard and
win amazing rewards!

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What parents say about us!

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Rachana Desai

Both my kids were part of Cosmic Kids Club and they had a wonderful time. Programs are very informative and interactive. Helps in knowledge building.

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Ami Patel

My son was thrilled to do the hand on activities. The sessions are interactive and unique.

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Lakshmi Rajakrishnan

Greatly indebted to STEM & Space for providing a wonderful platform for our child to be part of space knowledge. All teachers who took online classes explained each and every concept in a beautiful manner therby creating more curiosity in the minds of the child. Kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Choose your own learning path

CKC Lite

10/ yearly

  • 30 Credits
  • To be used within a year
  • Extra Credits @ ₹10

CKC Plus

1999*/ yearly

  • 300 Credits
  • To be used within a year
  • Extra Credits @ ₹8

Ready to start your learning journey?


Not sure whether you are ready for the CKC Membership? Don’t worry, we still have something for you 🙂

One of the key features of our activity-based courses are the CKC Learning Kits that let you build things and make observations for yourself. Complete with instruction sheets and directions, you can have fun with learning using just these kits. You don’t need to be a member to try them out.

How CKC Works?

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New to CKC? Start here!
New to CKC? Start here!